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Say goodbye to the endless struggle of juggling work and personal life, battling imposter syndrome, and succumbing to anxiety. 

Hello High Achieving Women!

My name is Jess Garcia,

I am a Transformational Life Coach specializing in self-mastery, generational trauma healing and leadership for high achieving women in business. With a unique blend of spirituality, science and self-development, I work closely with women from all walks of life who are seeking to heal deep childhood traumas, create healthy behavioral patterns, and reconnect with their Higher Self to live a purposeful and empowered life.


After enduring 12 years of mental illness and addictions, I made the decision to dedicate the past 8 years to my own healing and personal development. Recognizing the power of the mind, I delved into research and studies on the causes of mental illness, addictions, psychosis, spiritual awakening, and their connections to physical dis-ease resulting from stored emotional traumas passed down through genetics.


In 2017, I left the fitness industry after 10 years of building physical strength to dive deeper into the ancient energy healing arts, theology, psychoanalysis, philosophy, agriculture, anthropology, anthroposophy and spiritual science. My mission was to fully realize my Soul's purpose and not only heal myself but also transmit my teachings to others who are suffering.


Having traveled to Nepal, India, and France in 2019, I subsequently returned to my hometown in Contra Costa County to work in the mental health field. I shared my story of hope and transformation throughout California, realizing that true help could only be provided by establishing my own online educational platform and mentorship programs outside of the current systems.


For the past 2 1/2 years, I have lived and traveled in Mexico as a digital nomad alongside my life partner. During this time, I immersed myself in small towns, actively participating in ecovillages and permaculture projects, further integrating my holistic approach to life coaching.


I am deeply dedicated to guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery, personal empowerment, and spiritual growth. Through my unique blend of knowledge, experience, and compassion, I am committed to helping you heal, transform, and create a purpose-driven life.

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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-1)

Los Medanos College,2011

Corrective Exercise Specialist-

National Academy of Sports Medicine, 2015

Certified Personal Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine, 2014-2018

Family/Peer Support Specialist

NAMI California, 2019

NLP Practitioner & Life Coach

Transformation Academy, 2019


Spiritual Life Coach

Transformation Academy, 2020

Reiki Master Teacher

Usui Shiki Ryoho, 2017-2020

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It's time to step out of the shadows and embrace the confident, empowered leader within you. Sign up to The Metamorphosis Coaching program today and transform your life!


The Metamorphosis Coaching program is here to help you break free from survival mode and embrace a life of true success and fulfillment. This transformative program is specifically designed for high-achieving women like you, empowering you to conquer work-life balance challenges, unleash your untapped potential, and soar to new heights of professional and personal achievement.


In the fast-paced world of business, it's all too easy to lose sight of who we truly are in the pursuit of success. But you deserve a program that understands your unique challenges and guides you towards personal and professional triumphs. That's exactly what The Metamorphosis Coaching program offers.


As a successful woman in business, you may often feel the immense pressure to constantly excel and prove yourself. These demands can quickly lead to burnout, overwhelm, and a deep sense of disconnection from your true self. The good news is that this program is specifically tailored to help you break-through these barriers and experience profound transformation.


Imagine having a seasoned and empathetic coach by your side, providing unwavering support as you navigate the intricacies of your personal and professional journey. The Metamorphosis Coaching program will empower you to release deep-seated traumas and patterns that have held you back for far too long. No more feeling trapped or limited by your fears and anxieties – it's time to break free and unleash your full potential.

During our 12-week journey together, we will dive deep into the root causes of your pain, stress, and disconnection. Through exploration, we will shine a light on gestational and developmental traumas, gaining a profound understanding of how these experiences have impacted your relationships, self-esteem, and overall well-being. By uncovering and addressing these traumas, you will embark on a remarkable journey of healing, growth, and personal empowerment.


12 Weeks- 90 min session a week

The Metamorphosis Mentorship is not just another program – it is an experiential journey carefully crafted to transform your life on multiple levels. Through personalized coaching sessions, we will harness the power of various therapeutic techniques, all tailored to your unique needs and desires. From bioenegetics to transpersonal psychology, inner child work and energy healing, we will explore your subconscious mind, breaking free from the imprints of trauma and limitations that have held you back. As you emerge from this cocoon of self-discovery, you will emerge as a confident, empowered individual, ready to create the life of your dreams.


Envision a future where you are no longer weighed down by the limitations and pain of the past. Picture yourself embracing a life filled with authenticity, resilience, and joy. The Metamorphosis Mentorship invites you to embark on this sacred path of transformation. You no longer have to face these challenges alone – together, we will reimagine your narrative and manifest your highest self.

What is The Metamorphosis Coaching Program?

The Metamorphosis Coaching Program is a transformative 12-week journey where you will embark on profound healing and self-discovery. This signature coaching program is designed to empower you to uncover and release deep-seated traumas and unconscious patterns that may be holding you back from living your fullest potential.


The foundation of my work starts in forming a conscious coaching relationship, where we will establish clear agreements on how we will work together to ensure that our journey is deeply personalized and aligned with your specific needs and values. Your needs and aspirations will serve as a strong framework for the transformative journey ahead.


Forming the basis of our exploration, we will delve into the realm of gestational traumas and developmental trauma. Gestational traumas encompass the experiences and events that occur during pregnancy, influencing both the mother and the developing baby. These experiences can range from physical illnesses and emotional stress to substance abuse or external factors like accidents or violence. Understanding the impact of these traumas on the mother and the baby's development is crucial in our journey of healing and growth.


Developmental trauma, on the other hand, involves the often invisible yet influential experiences during childhood that shape our perception of the world and ourselves. These experiences may include physical or verbal abuse, emotional neglect, or manipulation by a parent or caregiver. These traumas have a lasting impact and can affect relationships, self-esteem, and overall well-being well into adulthood.


Furthermore, we will explore attachment theory, which highlights the profound influence of early childhood relationships on our ability to form and maintain healthy connections throughout our lives. Our earliest attachments with primary caregivers shape our ability to trust, bond, and regulate emotions in future relationships. By understanding attachment theory, we can make sense of the patterns that manifest in our current reality and guide ourselves toward healing and transformation.


Throughout the 12-week coaching program, our weekly 90 minute sessions provide a dedicated space for self-reflection, growth, and healing. Using a variety of therapeutic techniques tailored to your unique journey, such as bioenergetics, inner child work, psychotherapy, past life regression, energy & vibrational therapies, and self-reflection practices, we will facilitate deep healing and transformation. Alongside my expertise and compassionate support, we will navigate the depths of your subconscious, uncovering the imprints of trauma and working towards their release.


Embrace the possibility of true metamorphosis as you shed the limitations of the past and embrace a life filled with authenticity, resilience, and joy. The Metamorphosis Mentorship Program invites you to embark on this sacred path toward healing and personal growth. Together, we will facilitate your transformation into the empowered individual you were always meant to be.


The Healing Experience



The Metamorphosis is a signature coaching program designed to guide you through a transformative journey of healing and personal growth. I will be your guide as we navigate the following aspects of your transformation:



1. Healing the Gross Body (Woman Pain Body) :

Through the powerful tools of self- reflection, Past life regression, inner child meditations, shadow work, bioenergetics, and vibrational sound therapies, we will address and release the traumas that reside within your physical and emotional being. This includes not only individual traumas but also generational traumas that have been passed down through your family lineage. Together, we will release the stored pain and trauma, allowing for deep healing and rejuvenation.


2. Healing the Subtle Body:

Delving into the realm of attachment theory, we will identify and address the core wounds connected to childhood bonding. By understanding the beliefs and narratives surrounding abandonment, betrayal, unworthiness, powerlessness, and other core wounds, we will shed light on the patterns that have shaped your life. Through this process, we will explore the four attachment styles - anxious, avoidant, disorganized, and secure - and work towards cultivating a secure attachment style.


3. Healing the Causal Body:

Consciously releasing old emotional attachments and engaging in daily practices centered around letting go will be a focus in healing the causal body. You will learn how to let go of heavy emotional charges, release victim stories, and begin to rewrite a new narrative. By shifting old habits such as substance dependency, emotional addictions, codependency, and toxic relationships, we will pave the way for healthy habits and a strong connection with your higher self. The integration of your light and shadow selves will be a primary focus during this phase.


4. Cultivating Unity Consciousness:

By committing to a regular, nourishing spiritual practice and strengthening your connection with Source you will cultivate unity consciousness and feeling safe. This journey includes deepening your trust in the evolutionary process of your soul, embracing the oneness of all beings, and expanding your awareness to encompass a higher state of consciousness. Together, we will awaken and integrate your divine essence, aligning with your true purpose and potential.



The Metamorphosis Mentorship program invites you to embrace the sacred process of transformation. Through this coaching experience, I will guide you towards the freedom, empowerment, and unity consciousness that you are truly meant to embody. It is time to embark on this transformative journey and manifest your highest version. 



Erin Lindstrom, Colorado


"I have been working with Jess for 3 months and I can honestly say that she is helping me change everything in my life…my perspective, my beliefs, my negative patterns and the way I see, talk to and show up for myself. We have very much become a team in my journey of healing and the space she holds for me during our sessions is intuitive, gentle, compassionate, nonjudgemental, present and genuine. I am not the same person I was when I met Jess and I am so incredibly grateful for her guidance and collaboration in my journey of self-discovery. She is truly a gift helping to heal the collective one human at a time."




  • I will be sending you weekly Energy Empowerments to help you strengthen your connection with Source and assist you in your evolutionary process.

  • Each week, you will receive custom journaling prompts for self-reflection and inner work to focus on before our next session.

  • You will have access to a toolbox of various techniques including bioenergetic exercises, EFT Tapping, inner child meditations, breath work, vibrational medicine, initiation into Reiki practice, Qigong, and Internal Alchemy exercises. These tools will help you cultivate your life force and vitality.

  • I will provide you with book recommendations that are aligned with your journey.

  • I utilize tools such as Gene Keys, Human Design, and Evolutionary Astrology as a guiding blueprint for your self-realization and actualization process.

  • You will have my support via Telegram text messaging and my personal number if any challenges come up during the week.

  • Additionally, I will provide podcast recommendations, book suggestions, and videos as extra resources to support your growth.

  • You will have access to our private online community of professional women on their healing path.


  • A complete consciousness shift, allowing for personal growth and transformation.

  • The ability to nurture and heal your inner child, fostering self-soothing and emotional healing.

  • Enhanced trust in your own process and intuition, leading to confident decision-making.

  •  Increased self-awareness and the tools to regulate your nervous system during challenging times.

  • Improved emotional intelligence and intuition, allowing for deeper understanding and connection.

  •  Cultivation of a growth mindset, empowering you to embrace challenges and pursue success.

  • Development of mental toughness and strength to navigate your personal journey with resilience.

  • Reconnection with your inner authority, enabling you to make confident choices aligned with your values.

  • A greater sense of embodiment and being rooted in your personal energy and truth.

  • Heightened mental and emotional clarity, leading to better focus and decision-making.

  • Ongoing support from a dedicated coach and lifelong friend who will hold you accountable to your goals and growth.

Don't let another day go by feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Take the first step towards transforming your life and career by booking a consultation with me today. During this one-on-one session, we'll explore your unique challenges, goals, and determine if The Metamorphosis Coaching program is the right fit for you.  Schedule your consultation now and embark on a journey towards personal and professional growth.

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