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Experience deep healing through our personalized 1:1 healing sessions. Guided meditations, ancestral lineage repair, womb therapy, energy healing, bio-regenesis and breathwork are among the powerful techniques we offer to facilitate profound transformation.With personalized guidance and support, incorporating transpersonal psychology and inner child work, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and deep healing. Take a  step into a vibrant new chapter in your life. Let us support you as you heal, grow, and thrive on your path to empowerment.


Book your 1:1 Healing Services to rewrite your story and reclaim your power

Our 1:1 Healing Services


Reiki Energy Therapy

Experience profound healing on multiple levels with our energy healing session. Designed to restore your energetic field to its original blueprint, this session promotes deep healing on physical, emotional, and mental levels.


The session begins with a focused exploration of subconscious patterns, allowing you to set your intention for the personalized healing experience that follows. Relax and immerse yourself in a transformative energy clearing session, where we systematically address your energetic centers and guide you in confronting and releasing past memories.Through the use of vibrational medicine, including sacred sounds and utterances, we restore and harmonize your energy, aligning you with your divine essence.

Book your session today for a profound and transformative experience!


Ancestral Lineage Repair

Experience the profound power of Ancestral Lineage Repair on your healing journey. This transformative work addresses inter-generational challenges and offers healing for personal, collective, and cultural wounds. By connecting deeply with your loving ancestors, you will gain their perspective, undergo profound healing, and discover a renewed sense of self.


During our session, we explore all four lines of your ancestry, prioritizing one line for focused healing. Embrace the wisdom of your ancestors and reclaim your personal power.


Book your session today and open the door to a profound path of healing and self-discovery.

Womb Therapy

Embark on a transformative shamanic journey to release stored traumas and integrate your shadow self. By bridging the gap between your subconscious and conscious mind, we illuminate core beliefs, unlock past life and galactic memories, and empower you to detach from limitations. 


Dive deep into the sacred space of the womb to release cords of childhood trauma and sexual abuse, freeing your life force energy for creativity and purpose. Reclaim your sovereignty and embrace empowerment.


Book your healing session today and take the transformative step towards healing!



Looking to experience an intimate and profound healing experience?

Look no further! Our workshops are specifically designed to provide you with a space where you can courageously explore your inner world, address past wounds, and release limiting beliefs or negative patterns that no longer serve you in a safe and supportive environment.


Join our transformative healing workshops and gain emotional freedom, inner growth, and a renewed sense of self.

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Healing the Wounded Feminine Workshop- 
Back to the Roots of the original pain with Galia Brahim


A transformative journey for women seeking deep healing and empowerment of their feminine energy. This workshop provides powerful tools to penetrate the layers of your subconscious mind, unlock your innate healing capabilities, and release the blockages that have been holding you back from fully embracing and radiating your feminine essence.


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  1. Women who have experienced abusive relationships

  2. Women seeking deep sexual healing from past traumas or triggers

  3. Women struggling to create healthy and fulfilling relationships

  4. Women feeling disconnected or uncomfortable in their body and feminine energy

  5. Women facing challenges in manifesting abundance and happiness in their lives

  6. Women longing for authentic and sacred sisterhood

  7. Women wanting to learn self-healing and harness their feminine power

  8. Women interested in working with their womb wisdom

"We have been epigenetically modified by an antilife patriarchal system and the pain perpetuated by that."

-Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life, Azra Bertrand and Seren Bertrand.

About this workshop:

For centuries, women have been oppressed and persecuted simply because of their gender. The feminine energy has suffered under religious narratives and social norms, resulting in what we refer to as the Woman Pain Body present in our collective consciousness. Many women, whether consciously or unconsciously, have blamed their own feminine energy for the abuse they endured. Our mothers, too, carried negative imprints within their wombs, preventing them from experiencing sexual, emotional, and energetic balance. When we inherit DNA, we inherit not only body defenses, but also an emotional blueprint. The deep wounds that were left unhealed by the generations before us have been passed down through our DNA, creating a distorted energy field. Even if we are not fully aware of the root causes of our insecurities and blockages surrounding our feminine energy, they persist on a subtle level and continue to shape our experiences. Until we acknowledge and heal these timelines of oppression, history will continue to repeat itself.


In this workshop, I will guide you back to the origins of the pain that has manifested as traumas connected to your feminine energy in this lifetime. Together, we will explore the concept of awakened feminine energy, which lies between being frigid and overly sexual. It is a state of complete realization and a force that serves creation. Our creative energy empowers us to manifest and thrive in this material world. Through deep subconscious work, introspection, and meditation, we will gain insight into how cycles of trauma manifest and perpetuate. We will uncover how the toxic behaviors we learned during childhood and later in life have shaped our relationships, and how the memories associated with them still impact us.














By the end of this workshop, you will emerge with a heightened sense of empowerment in your feminine energy. You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded women who are also on their healing journeys, forming a supportive community. With an increased awareness of subconscious negative patterns holding you back, you will be able to identify your wounded feminine blocks and dysfunctional patterns within your family history that have created negative experiences in your life. We will help you develop a clear understanding of what a healthy and balanced feminine energy looks like. Additionally, you will be equipped with techniques to move and release trapped energy in your physical body and energy field through yoga asanas, breathwork, and somatic exercises, creating space for emotional release.





Join us for a transformative Kirtan workshop, where you'll immerse yourself in the ancient practice of praising and glorifying the divine. Derived from Sanskrit roots, Kirtan is a powerful form of devotional singing that awakens and nurtures your love for the Divine.


Join us for a workshop that will uplift your spirit, deepen your connection with the divine, and bring a sense of peace and fulfillment to your life. 


Through call and response singing of mantras that focus on the healing energy of divinity, you'll experience a profound connection with the divine energy within and around you. Kirtan is not just a musical experience; it is a spiritual journey that opens your heart and invites you to experience the profound bliss of bhakti yoga.


Discover the joy and devotion that flows through Kirtan. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the power of Kirtan!


❝Kirtan is so much more than just chanting and meditating in a group; it's a transformative experience that has the power to elevate your energy and vibration. I had the pleasure of participating in this beautiful practice, and I was truly amazed by its potency.


During the Kirtan workshop, I felt a deep activation in my throat chakra. As someone who has struggled with expressing myself, this was a profound breakthrough. The power of singing and chanting allowed me to release any inhibitions and embrace the freedom to be my authentic self. It was a truly liberating experience.


Thank you, Schools of Consciousness, for this incredible gift and for facilitating such a beautiful and profound experience.❞

-Katia Giry



LMC Impact Conference 2019 Mental Health Workshop- Los Medanos College.Pittsburg, CA

Our past workshop at Los Medanos College focused on raising awareness about mental health and equipping students with effective tools for self-love and self-development. We explored the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, emphasizing the importance of taking care of our mental well-being. Through engaging sessions on mindfulness, somatic work, and therapeutic hand gestures known as mudras, participants learned natural ways to enhance and heal their mental health.


Balancing our feminine/masculine workshop- 


 In this interactive workshop, participants embarked on a journey of self-discovery and gained a deeper understanding of the dynamics between feminine and masculine energies. Through comprehensive teachings, participants developed the ability to discern empowering traits from toxic ones, effectively heal from negative patterns, and break detrimental cycles. Participants engaged in breathwork, reflective exercises, and interactive partner activities specifically designed to explore the fusion of these energies. Participants reflected upon questions such as "Am I Open to Receive?" and "Am I Open to Give?" to illuminate how these energies manifest within themselves and their relationships with others.  The workshop concluded with a powerful meditation and sound healing session, enabling participants to apply the tools and techniques acquired throughout the session. 

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Oaxaca Transform and Network
Oaxaca City, Mexico


We were privileged to host the empowering and networking event, "Oaxaca Transform and Networking," in the captivating city of Oaxaca. This unique gathering brought together project owners, ambitious entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking personal and professional growth. The event began with a tranquil mindfulness practice, allowing attendees to ground themselves and set positive intentions for the day ahead.


One of the highlights of the event was the presence of a special guest, a distinguished expert in real estate. Their knowledge and experience in finding the best deals when buying a house or land in Oaxaca City were eagerly awaited by all. With their insightful tips and strategies, the audience gained a deeper understanding of the local market, empowering them to make informed decisions and secure exceptional opportunities.


Beyond the speeches and presentations, "Oaxaca Transform and Networking" provided a vibrant space for meaningful connections and collaborations. People from diverse backgrounds and industries came together, engaging in lively conversations, exchanging ideas, and forging valuable partnerships.


As the event drew to a close, attendees left with a profound sense of personal growth and accomplishment. The transformative experiences and connections made throughout the day had a lasting impact, inspiring participants to reach new heights in their personal and professional lives.


"Oaxaca Transform and Networking" was an unforgettable event that celebrated the spirit of Oaxaca while empowering individuals to embrace their potential. Through our inspiring speech, expert insights, and valuable networking opportunities, attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with valuable knowledge and connections to thrive in their endeavors.

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