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Do you often find yourself longing for a deeper understanding of yourself but feel too busy to delve into healing work? Look no further, because my tailored coaching program is designed to meet all your needs and take your success to new heights!

Hi ambitious women,

My name is Galia

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B.A- Bachelor of Social Science- Sorbonne University

B.A-Bachelor of Arts-

Sorbonne University

Hatha Yoga Instructor RYY 200

Yoga Alliance, 2019

Family/Peer Support Specialist

NAMI California, 2019

NLP Life Coaching

Kairen Holdings Ltd, 2020

Reiki Practitioner Level 1 and II

Usui Shiki Ryoho, 2019-2020

I am a Women Empowerment Coach, Leadership Expert, Spiritual and Yoga Teacher with a deep specialization in Self-Mastery, Trauma Healing, and Awakened Feminine teachings. With personal experience battling mental health challenges and overcoming a difficult upbringing, suffered from depression and existential anxiety, attempting to take my own life at 14, religious traumas, being sexually abused, learning to cope with alcohol, sex, drugs and cigarettes; I have dedicated my life to healing and transformation. I am the author of Trauma Healing- The Spiritual Approach guidebook.


My journey of self-discovery began when I made the decision, at the age of 20, to deprogram myself from the heavy religious Muslim background I was raised in. Seeking a new path, I delved into research and Eastern philosophy, which sparked a deep love for spiritual teachings. In 2017, I underwent a profound awakening but also experienced the darkest nights of my soul. I felt disconnected from my academic pursuits, it didn't resonate to finish my M.A in La Sorbonne University in Paris and I needed to quit. After that I felt trapped in my mother's appartment and it became too toxic for me to live there. I took a leap of faith and left my hometown Paris to embark on a journey across the world, starting in Australia and then exploring Bali, Thailand, Nepal, and India.


During this time, I met my life partner, Jess, and together we confronted deep-seated traumas and supported each other's healing journey. The powerful portal of India awakened deep ancestral traumas connected to my sexuality and feminine energy. My travel helped me to address and heal my wounded feminine energy, I also had to acknowledge the sexual abuse I endured as a child. I was then called to work in the mental health services in California that revealed to me the limitations and pitfalls of the healthcare system, fueling my desire to establish my own coaching practice. I am committed to teaching the transformative tools and insights I have gained along my journey, empowering women to master themselves and heal their feminine energy, so they can harness great power.


For two years and a half, I lived in Mexico during the pandemic and just came back from my trip one month ago. I created profound and transformative spaces for women to heal. Through my coaching programs, I offer a unique blend of spiritual, emotional, and psychological guidance, helping women break free from past traumas, reclaim their power, and live authentically. Together, we embark on a journey of healing, self-realization, and empowerment, as you step into your divine feminine energy and embrace the profound transformation that awaits you.


I understand the challenges faced by driven women like you who have been dedicated to climbing the career ladder. I know that the demands of professional life often leave little time to focus on personal healing and self-mastery. That's why I have created a comprehensive program specifically tailored for women in business, providing you with the tools you need to heal and become truly empowered.


My program goes beyond traditional career coaching. I recognize that the true path to success lies in embracing deep healing and personal growth. By exploring your inner world, addressing past wounds, and learning powerful tools to master yourself, you will unlock your full potential and become a more efficient, resilient, and successful woman in business.


What makes my coaching program unique is its tailored approach for busy professionals. I understand that time is of the essence, so I have curated a program that seamlessly fits into your schedule without compromising on effectiveness. I will guide you through transformative sessions, allowing you to tap into your hidden strengths and uncover any limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your goals.

Enroll in The Soul Retrieval today and embark on a transformative journey that will forever change your life and career!

12 Weeks- 90 min session a week

The Soul Retrieval coaching program is specifically designed for high-achieving women to attract more abundance and fulfillment. True success in the corporate world goes beyond professional skills; it requires a deep understanding of oneself and the ability to integrate all aspects of your being, including those hidden in the shadows. Through my program, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-mastery and embrace your authentic self, fueled by a unique blend of psychotherapy and spiritual practices.



Our soul is a sacred essence that sustains the health and well-being of our physical, mental, emotional and etheric body. Traumatic and negative experiences can cause a fragmentation of our soul leaving us feel powerless and purposeless. A soul retrieval is a shamanic process to call our broken pieces back, to assemble them and experience the totality of our being. From this wholeness is born a profound sense of freedom. This process is what Carl Jung called individuation, when we integrate our shadow aspects and become self-realized. To realize thyself is to understand ourselves as infinite intelligence connected to the entire web of life through the collective consciousness.


From our collective consciousness is born the collective unconscious and its dark side. Our destructive patterns are inherited from this collective unconscious. Being unable to access our infinite magic as women is deeply connected to the dark side of the collective unconscious that hold negative memory imprints and created, through religious narratives and social norms, the Woman Pain Body. Many women have a love and hate relationship with their feminine energy because of social conditioning.

Our mothers and grandmothers suffered from an oppressive and repressive system. Unfortunately, they didn't have the tools or the dedication to work on themselves and heal their DNA. They gave birth through a womb that held negative imprints preventing them from feeling balanced sexually, emotionally and energetically. When we inherited their DNA, we did not only inherit their body defenses but also their emotional blueprint. All the deep wounds that were not healed by the generations of women before us were passed down through DNA and manifested a distorted hologram (energy field) for ourselves. We might not be fully aware of our feminine blocks but everything exists and pervades on a subtle level.


Over the course of 12 weeks, we will embark on a transformative healing and integration journey. Each week, we will gather for a 90 minute session dedicated to deep exploration, self-discovery, and healing. Our journey begins by establishing a safe and sacred container where you can openly express yourself and share your experiences. Together, we will define the agreements for our work, ensuring that we align with your individual needs and expectations.


During each session, I will support you in identifying toxic and addictive behaviors that were learned during childhood, offering guidance on how to dissociate from them and create healthier patterns for a more fulfilling life. Together, we will uncover and address dysfunctional patterns that have led you to experience trauma and negativity. Through this process, you will gain heightened awareness of how trauma cycles reproduce themselves and learn to recognize trauma responses, empowering you to respond from a place of resilience rather than survival. Techniques and tools will be shared to help you consciously manage these responses, bringing your nervous system back to a state of safety and balance.


With a foundation of emotional healing and psychological awareness, I will initiate you into a powerful spiritual healing practice. By diving deep into your emotional wounds and engaging in a profound psychological process, you will be prepared to be initiated and explore the magic of energy healing and bioregenesis. You will learn to embrace and develop your spiritual gifts. Through guidance and intuitive support, you will discover how to navigate challenging times and connect with your inner strength. Together, we will explore the mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, linking the negative emotions felt in your body to the energetic imprints in your energy field, which may be responsible for your suffering. From this point of awareness, you will learn to harness your life force, move and transmute energy, and step into your innate spiritual power.


I am here to help you heal and reclaim your feminine energy! As we dive deep into the exploration of your feminine identity, you will rediscover the essence of your wild, pure, and authentic self. Liberated from the restrictive narratives imposed by a patriarchal society, you will embody the true power and creative force of your feminine energy. By embracing your authentic self, you will master the art of anticipation and manifest the best experiences for yourself, even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. Through this process, you will develop the ability to face adversity with lightness, grace, and deep-seated wisdom.


Within the realms of the awakened feminine lies the liberation of your sexual energy and the healing of your sacred womb space. We will embark on a transformative journey of sexual healing and womb healing, engaging in deep trauma work to heal the wounds held within your womb. This profound space of feminine power holds the key to your life force and contains immense wisdom. Through this healing process, you will learn to transmute emotions and energies within this sacred space, transcending all dimensions of life.


Iman Hassan, FL

"What I love the most about Galia is that she knew how to acknowledge my traumas while also empowering me to find myself beyond the experiences I’ve had. I did therapy before but I only found myself getting stuck at the victim mentality but with Galia I was able to face my deepest wounds and traumas in a way that my soul was asking me for. I stopped scattering my energy and remembered that the divine power was within myself. I was able to achieve so much in my life with Galia’s program. So if you're looking to do any work with Galia, I would definitely recommend it."

What to expect

  •  A safe, supportive, and powerful container for personal expression and self-exploration

  • Deep introspective work, utilizing journaling as a tool for self-reflection and shadow work.

  • Energy healing practices for self-healing treatments,

  • EMDR(Tapping therapy)

  • Yogic breathwork (Pranayama), trauma-sensitive yoga, mudras (therapeutic hand gestures)

  •  Bioenergetic exercises

  • Psyche and Subconscious work

  • Meditations

  • Vibrational medicine

What you will receive

  • Weekly energy healing and clearing sessions to strengthen your connection with source consciousness and help you gain clarity, and support your healing journey

  • Custom journaling prompts will be provided between sessions, guiding your self-reflection and shadow work

  • To deepen your understanding of trauma healing from a holistic approach, you will receive a complimentary copy of the ebook Trauma Healing: The Spiritual Approach guidebook

  • Book recommendations tailored to your journey 

  • Introduce you to the wisdom of knowing your Gene Keys and human design

  • Support via Telegram throughout the week if any challenges arise that require additional guidance and support

  • A selection of podcasts, meditations, and videos will be made available to you, serving as valuable resources to enhance your growth and self-discovery

As a Guide and a Mentor

As your guide and mentor, I commit to always approach this work from a place of deep respect and unwavering support.

I understand the vulnerability and courage it takes to embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery, and I am dedicated to holding a sacred space for your transformation. I wholeheartedly believe in building a strong and trusting bond with my clients, and my greatest reward is witnessing you blossom and become the best version of yourself.

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