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 What if you could move beyond your limitations and heal the deepest wounds that are keeping you trapped ? Would you take a chance to embark on the most profound and transformational journey of your life? We have designed our coaching services to offer you a memorable healing experience. We are experienced coaches who have personally walked the path of transformation, and bring empathy and compassion to support your journey. Whether you seek to overcome limiting beliefs, release emotional blocks, or step into your authentic power, our coaching will empower you every step of the way. 

Invest in yourself today to change your life forever!

Women Empowerment coach and Leadership Expert

Galia Brahim is a Women Empowerment coach and Leadership expert who brings her expertise in Self-Mastery, Transformation, Trauma recovery, and feminine teachings. Having traversed her own journey of battling mental health issues, Galia found healing through a dedicated spiritual practice. Now, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and experiences, helping others navigate their own mental health challenges. Galia's unique approach bridges the realms of psychology and spirituality, offering deep healing methods to break free from the confines of our mental prisons. Through her coaching, she empowers women to embrace their true potential and create lives filled with purpose.

Transformational Life coach and Leadership Expert

Jess Garcia is a Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher specializing in Self-Mastery and Generational trauma healing. After many years of battling with mental illness and addiction, she has devoted her life to help women heal from trauma and step into their power to create the life they deserve. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, Jess provides a safe space for women to explore their emotions and overcome challenges. Bridging spirituality and science, she helps women understand themselves and past experiences, empowering them to move forward with confidence. Find meaning in your suffering and turn your pain into power with Jess as your guide.




We combine our diverse backgrounds and experiences to guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing. In 2017, both of us experienced separate spiritual awakenings that sparked a deep desire to remember our soul's purpose. Jess made the courageous decision to leave behind her successful fitness business, Top Tier Fitness , in the Bay Area and embarked on a nine-month journey of healing and meditation in the mountains of Northern California. Meanwhile, Galia left her master's degree in arts at La Sorbonne University in Paris to travel across the world, immersing herself in the wisdom of Asia and obtaining her yoga certification in Nepal and staying a while in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand.





























Fate brought us together after six months of a long-distance relationship, and we embarked on an adventure to travel all over India and Nepal and climb and get to the top of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal alone on the Annapurna circuit . This challenging journey tested our physical and mental limits, but it also revealed the immense strength and potential within us. We realized that our paths had converged for a purpose - to help others on their own transformative paths.







Drawing from our backgrounds in fitness, spirituality, psychology, and ancient wisdom, we founded our coaching practice with a focus on bridging the gap between personal growth and spirituality. Our vision is to inspire individuals to heal from past traumas, overcome self-doubt, and tap into their inner power. Through personalized coaching and transformative experiences, we guide you towards self-mastery, leadership, and a profound connection to higher consciousness.


Our mission is to create a world where individuals can heal toxic shame and fear, overcome imposter syndrome, and find authentic success in all areas of life. We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Together, we will unlock your true potential and help you navigate the challenges of life, as you step into the light and embrace your most authentic and powerful self.


Jess Garcia teaching fitness advices with her company top tiers fitness
A woman personal trainer training another woman
A strong woman training biceps
A woman reading in the forest
A woman training with chains and dumbells in the californian mountains
A woman absorbing light codes from the sun
Woman of color in a temple in bali
Monks in a buddhist monastery receiving food offering
Woman of color exploring mountains of bali
Woman receiving yoga teacher certification
Woman of color in front of a temple in nepal
Woman of color at the top of the himalayan mountains, Annapurna circuit
2 women of color at the top of himalayan mountains

Turning pain into purpose

7 years collage of a woman of color transformation
11 years collage showing transformation of an ex woman addict

The greatest solution is your inner transformation!

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 We understand the unique challenges that women face in the business world and the impact it can have on every aspect of their lives. Our comprehensive three-month coaching programs are specifically designed to address these challenges and help you create a life that is balanced, successful, and fulfilling.

Now is the time to invest in yourself and your future. 

Join our Transformational Life Coaching Programs today and embark on a powerful healing journey!


A woman empowerment coach in black suit
A woman transformational life coach in a black shirt

1:1 Personalized Coaching- 12 week Program

1:1 Personalized Coaching- 12 week Program

The Soul Retrieval Coaching Program is a transformative, profound and integration journey designed specifically for ambitious women in the business world. At times, being a woman in business can bring forth an array of challenges that may seem overwhelming. From striking a balance between personal and professional life to combating gender biases and feeling the pressure to prove oneself, it's no surprise that these experiences can leave deep wounds and traumas that hinder personal growth.This is where Soul Retrieval comes in. My program is delicately crafted to work through the feminine blocks that may impede your progress. By delving into the core of your being, I help you heal and embrace your feminine energy, allowing it to guide and strengthen you on your journey. The integration of spirituality and psychotherapy is a cornerstone of my approach. Through this powerful combination, I equip you with the tools and insights necessary to navigate your limitations Through a unique blend of spiritual psychology, energy healing, bioregenesis and yogic philosophy, this program offers a complete approach to self-realization and healing. 

Get ready to attract more abundance and fulfillment than you could ever imagine!

The Metamorphosis Coaching Program is the ultimate solution for high-achieving women in business. Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a cycle of frustration? Imagine breaking free from anxiety and reconnecting with your true self. The Metamorphosis Coaching program is here to guide you towards personal and professional triumphs, designed exclusively for women like you. 

In the fast-paced world of business, it's easy to lose sight of who we truly are but you deserve a program that understands your unique challenges and helps you overcome them. My tailored approach combines personalized coaching sessions with powerful therapeutic techniques, including somatic healing, inner child work, and energy healing. Together, we will explore your subconscious mind, breaking free from trauma and limitations that have held you back. As you emerge from this cocoon of self-discovery, you will become a confident, empowered individual, ready to create the life of your dreams.


Don't let burnout and disconnection hold you back. Embark on a transformative journey to success now.


Not ready to commit to a long-term coaching program just yet? Our 1-1 coaching sessions offer you an opportunity to dip your toes in the water. Our personalized sessions are designed to create major breakthroughs in your life and trigger personal growth and transformation. From a discovery call to take the first step towards creating a life that is aligned with your higher purpose to a spiritual psychological consultation for invaluable guidance; our mentoring will get you to new heights of self-healing and transformation

Take the first step toward deepening your journey today- because you deserve it

Our 1-1 Coaching Sessions


Discovery Call

Are you feeling stuck and unsure of what steps to take next? Do you find yourself in need of some clarity and guidance? Look no further! 

During this personalized session, we will dedicate our time to understanding your unique situation and provide you with valuable insights that can pave the way for your personal growth. 


Don't hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about our range of services and discover how they can benefit you.  Schedule your 60-minute discovery call now and let us show you the transformative power of our coaching services


Consultation for Mentorship

Our 1:1 Mentorship Consultation is a personalized session designed to understand your current needs, goals, and aspirations. During this session, we will take the time to comprehensively explore your unique circumstances and gain a deep understanding of what you hope to achieve.


In detail, we will explain our comprehensive mentorship program, highlighting the strategies, methodologies, and resources that will be utilized throughout the three-month coaching journey. We want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the program, its components, and the results and transformations that you can expect to experience along the way.


Spiritual Psychology Consultation

Are you feeling frustrated with traditional therapy methods? Tired of spending time in talking therapies that don't seem to bring about the desired results? Our specially designed service is here for you. We recognize that spirituality is a vital aspect often overlooked in clinical therapy, but it lies at the core of our practice.


Having personally experienced the challenges of mental health, we discovered that true transformation occurred when we embraced spiritual development. We understand the feeling of being misunderstood and powerless. Our priority is to help you gain a deep understanding of your psyche and unravel dysfunctional patterns, whether inherited or self-created. Through a session tailored to your unique soul blueprint, we will provide you with powerful insights to facilitate profound breakthroughs in your life.

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