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Welcome to Schools of Consciousness, where we believe the greatest solution is your inner transformation!


 SOC is born from years of deep self-introspection and research, to provide solutions for personal and collective healing. SOC is way more than a healing and coaching business but a revolution of consciousness. We stand with the ones who refuse to conform, who dove deep enough into themselves to realize they were lied to and are meant to break through mental barriers to spiritually evolve. The ones who challenge labels and question the norms imposed by authority and belief systems. 


So join our tribe of sovereign beings as we inspire you to embrace your true self and be a pioneer of a new way of being!






We are Galia Brahim and Jess Garcia. We are Transformational Life Coaches, Public Speakers, Leadership experts and a Power couple. We have worked in the mental health field creating spaces and giving talks to heal from mental illness. We observed the downfalls of traditional approaches and decided to start our own practice as life coaches.


Our approach is unique and rooted in self-awareness, self-development, self-healing and self-mastery. We have gone through difficult experiences such as being diagnosed with mental illness, substance abuse, addiction, suicidal attempts, sexual traumas and life on the streets. 


Our personal struggles, traveling experiences and living a nomadic lifestyle the past 6 years individually and together, pushed us to create our healing and coaching business to guide others in those powerful times of global shift. We started our business in Mexico in challenging times of a global pandemic with no savings. Our desire has always been to break free from the constraints of traditional living by healing our suffering and finding peace and liberation. We are part of global spilt of deep thinkers working on being self-sustainable and independent from a corrupted system, we create a new path of hope for generations to come.









We decided to live in a van as a natural continuation of our travels. It allows us to be financially independent and not be tied down by the high costs of renting a place in California. Van life is a gateway to a greater sense of freedom and a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.


Through our travels, we encountered various challenges, including financial struggles and societal pressures to conform. However, these challenges became opportunities for growth, enabling us to develop resilience, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of ourselves. We learnt to live with nature being involved in different eco projects, to thrive amidst changing circumstances, and to embrace the wisdom that can only be discovered when we disconnect from the distractions of modern life and a 9 to 5.

Driven by a deep intention to help others break free from the limitations of societal conditioning. We are dedicated to supporting individuals in their journey of self-discovery, empowering them to live authentically and embrace their innate potential. Through our services, we guide individuals in exiting the matrix and reclaiming their inner freedom, passion, and purpose.

Join our growing community of Sovereign Beings 



At Schools of Consciousness, we’re passionate about developing leadership skills that can make a real difference in the world. We offer a unique evolutionary leadership program for women. Evolutionary leadership is a new form of leadership that offers a multidimensional perspective of leadership integrating psychology, spirituality and personal development.


Our leadership training program is designed to address the complex challenges of today’s world. We are facing a leadership crisis caused by a lack of compassion, cooperation, capacity for leadership, toxic work culture, imbalance of self-interest over common good and male-dominant leadership.


Through our 6-week leadership program, we equip individuals with powerful modules focused on self-awareness, self-management, self-regulation, developing leadership skills in the workplace, emotional intelligence and personal mastery. Our program is designed to help women understand and practice the fundamentals of good leadership. We emphasize both the practical and theoretical aspects of leadership, ensuring that students leave the program with the tools and knowledge they need to become effective and successful leaders.

Women Owned Business presenting Evolutionary Leadership Program for women


Meet the Team

A Women Empowerment coach offering personalized coaching services

We provide professional life coaching to help you make major breakthroughs in your life. Whether you’re facing a crisis or simply need guidance in your personal life; we are experienced  transformational life coaches here to help. 

We offer 1:1 transformational coaching programs and 1:1 coaching sessions to inspire and empower you to reach your higher potential!

A transformational life coach offering personalized coaching


Women of color teaching in a healing workshop

We are dedicated to provide tailored healing services for women seeking transformation and empowerment. We create a safe, nurturing environment for healing; allowing you to address past traumas, release limiting beliefs, and unlock your innate power.


Experience deep healing through personalized 1:1 sessions and transformative workshops. Guided meditations, energy healing, bioenergetic exercises and breathwork are among the powerful techniques we offer.


With personalized guidance and support, incorporating transpersonal psychology and inner child work, embark on a journey of self-discovery, rewrite your story, and reclaim your true potential.


Join us and step into a vibrant new chapter of your life!


Galia Brahim's cover book to heal from traumas


   In this ebook, you will learn :

To understand the Roots of Trauma

To Identify Dysfunctional patterns in your family history and know why traumas manifested into your life

To understand different Trauma responses and overcome them with the help of unique guided meditations

To learn to heal and see traumas on different dimensions and listen to the guidance of your spirit

How to Reframe your thinking and gain more emotional intelligence

How to Release stored traumas in the body and your energetic field

To tap into Energy and Vibrational medicine

Training your consciousness and come into a place of embodiment

To live and navigate this world from your spirit



"Very Insightful"
"This book is definitely worth the reading. Once I’ve started, I couldn’t stop. The author’s testimony is so heartbreaking, yet so inspiring as she manages to heal her deepest wounds. This book has been very helpful."

- Hiba Coob

Available at

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